Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill

JHBguru1 (hace 5 horas)

Happy song.

orangeoctober33 (hace 2 días)

This song is about a guy he used to fuck.

yarbles67 (hace 1 día)

Ahh you would be wrong. it’s about his separation from Genesis and doing his own thing.

flumoxed38 (hace 2 días)

I’m feeling home & time sick right now. It was a time of broad-minded, non-judgemental attitudes. Seems like we really were free, to do & think what we wanted, barring hurting others. The globe has lost so much. Salisbury is south Eng, Bath is West.

The reason they’re bald is because theyu’re getting older. Song belongs to the late Hippy era. Sigh….
I think it’s about Salisbury plain. Wher ther is a huge chalk horse scratced into the landscape, by some primitive types, centuries ago. It makes me miss a particular spiritual/historic aspect of England. The Golden Bough, Green Man, , Celtic Cross bits. It also makes me think of Hagrid collecting Harry Potter – «Grab your things, I’ve come to take you home.»

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