Blue Man Group – Baba O’Riley – Live


This lady sings it so beautifuly!


The most awesome song of all time redone by the Blue Man Group. Check? out the unique use of pianos.


Oh, Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man this was a great performance of a great song.There is nothing like Blue Man Group to lift up your spirits when your Blue.Thanks for posting this Jordan.


Best song, ever, best group, ever. Best show, I have ever seen. The song is better then the Who version. I am a fan for life, they are, by far, the real deal. The violinist, is amazing. They rock. A must see.聽Your fan Wally Paige.


I love it! At least as good as the Who’s original. Plus, Tracy Bonham is cute 馃槈 Such energy! I’m thunderstruck! I had no fucking idea that Blue Man Group was like this…I just thought they were three weird blue dudes that didn’t talk. This version of Baba O’Reilly is as good as the Who’s original, fer chrissakes!

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