AC/DC – Back In Black (Live At Donnington) High Quality!!!

You say Justin Beaver? I SCREAM AC/DC
You say Miley Cyrus? I say Led Zepplin
You say T-Pain? I say Kiss
You say Flowers? I say Motorhead
You say Pink? I say Aerosmith
You say Hip Hop? i say shut the fuck up
You say Pop? I scream ROCK!!
You say hanah montana? I hit you in the face
You say 50 Cent?  I say AC/DC
You sayJonas Brothers? I say they’re fags
You say Miley Cyrus? I say she’s a Slut!!
You say rap? I say Rock
You say pop? I say FUCK YOU FAG!!!!
You say hip hop?  I say Heavy Metal
92% of kids have turned to rap,pop,& hip hop. If your one of the 8% who like to headbang and disturb the peace copy this in your channel. D
Thumbs up if you agree! 🙂

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  3. me encanta ac dc es lo mejor las canciones que ya coosco so back in black -hells bells-shoot to trill-thundestruck.yo tengo 10 años

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