VAN MORRISON Bright Side of the Road

This came on at my older brothers wedding. And all of us, Me mum dad and both my brothers, gatherd in the middle, and dad said »He came after all» the other people must have thought we were mad…

this was our uncle pauls favourite song , it reflects his personality perfectly, he was always happy, and by hearing this, it makes us happy. he died almost 7 years ago. he meant alot to me and my brothers, because he was the only relative of dads who visited, religiously every weekend. R.I.P uncle P.


This is the song I have picked for my funeral music.
Your train of thought goes to weird places.
Van the Man is the bright side of music.
This song reminds me of doing cocaine with hookers in a dirty hotel room.
Great story! Music is such a great soul stirring joy!.
Heres to you Uncle Paul where ever you are my friend!.
I want this played at my Wake while everyone Parties because I have moved on to the bright side of the road!!!.
I second that. : ).
stahp talking about death. this song makes me happy. to be alive.
RIP uncle Paul : ).
heard it at a funeral for a lovely bloke today …. just beautiful, great choice.

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