Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water (From «Live At Montreux 2006» DVD)

ensingenrico easy to play? but so powerfull I LOVE IT!!! 

JaimeSedeno ¡¡¡ MY? FAVORITE ROCK BAND ¡¡¡

netmonster hehe I was there with my father, cool

2796Dave I am so dam happy !!! Gonna go to their live concert in Bangkok,Thailand May 14
I ll get the footage and upload for u guys 

milagrosstahldi878 ohi really need to find somebody who clicks with me

flamady28 the best part of the concert was it’s existence xD…from beging to the end- a kick ass show..simply love them

mihailofsx @BismarkTheSniper28 – The place called Montreux, on Lake Geneva is a very beautiful place. The fire in the? casino there was their inspiration. Im probably gonna study near Montreux.

BismarkTheSniper28 @mihailofsx Haha, yeah it was on vh1 history? of rock or something.

mihailofsx The story behind the song is just AMAZING!!!!

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