¿Que demonios es esto?

Que alguien me aclare que es esa cosa en medio del desierto de Argelia. Las coordenadas son 25.569379,9.010313

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  3. Tsumy desde la tafanera nos aporta esto: (al poco la noticia paso a descartadas…)

    Poden ser moltes coses, de fet, i ficant únicament la foto em costaria decidir-me entre irrelevant i spam. De totes formes, que ho disfrutes, ja tens una cosa més per parlar al teu blog:

    Burial mound w entryway
    By KenGrok

    For your Saharan archeology enjoyment I present a collection of approximately 400 stone monuments to be found in the general region of the Sahara.

    I’m surveying the Sahara, East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula for evidence of human activity in prehistoric times. Round burial mounds as well as remnants of abandoned dwelling sites appear frequently throughout the whole region, so much so that I’ve decided not to include them in my report (see my notes below regarding mounds). I’ve found a number of more notable monuments or structures, and saw that these are distributed within certain parts of this huge region of the world. These structures are not unknown to archaeologists and visitors to the area, and some serious research has been done, but little is known about them. In general it’s possible to say that many are from the days when the Sahara was greener and inhabited by non-nomadic groups of people (8000 – 5000 B.C.). Still, some of the structures catalogued could be newer, as recent as 1000 B.C.

    In mountainous areas of southern Algeria you’ll find mounds surrounded by a ring and enclosed acentrically by an elliptical ring through which runs what appears to be a walkway leading to the mound. Note that this entryway leads from the east, though this is a general statement and the bearing is never exact. Most of these monuments are around 25 m wide, some are over 50 m. Current count: 64

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