Garbage – Only Happy When It Rains (official music video) with lyrics

This SHOULD be the ultimate goth anthem. Yes i did just say that. This is an absolutely FLAWLESS song and i’m NOT just saying that because i’d fight a ninja army covered in barbed wire just for one night of carnal olympics with Ms. Manson.

greymajickjedi hace 3 semanas

Until you see how age treated her. She’s still legendary, but I am no longer attracted.

username0909 hace 3 días

haha i was obssessed with her as a teen. im turning 23 and still think shes attractive lol.

shit311 hace 2 días

Short skirts and knee high boots! mmmmmmm pass me a wipe!

TherymasterWidnes hace 2 semanas

I’m pretty sure this is the girl my mother warned me about.

haitch2oh hace 6 días

I’m pretty sure this is my mother!

imyourslobobabe hace 3 días

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