Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb – Live 8


This is the end of the story, luckly the word «legend» exists, love you 5 guys.


Just takes me to that special place… A combination of happiness that they existed, and sadness that i never saw them live.


I wonder how many more Floyd fans were born as a result of this performance. Stunning end to the Floyd,s career together.Class act. RIP Sid, Rick and Pink Floyd.


Of all the Comfortably Numb Live 8 footage I’ve seen on youtube, this is the best clip I’ve come across. The quality is great and gives better camera angles than the other clips have shown (ie the blinding white light at the beginning of Gilmour’s solo you see in other clips). Thank you for posting this! Definitely a moment in rock history I’ll never forget. RIP Rick and Syd. Shine on!

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