Japanese tourist lost in Barcelona 2015.


Now, we have a SEO Master on board. He sent us nice videos where he performed their criticism in regards of our blog. We don’t have solution. But meanwhile we change all, I will follow posting with the intention to send my hidden messages to the world. I’m still alive, and I will follow shouting it to any one who has two ears in their sides head.

Then, I have my doubts if he will approve that post, written down in english. The case is, that I was two weeks ago again in pueblo seco neiborhood and that guy was looking their iPhone in that nice place where the Street Art confluence with the old infrastructures.

Was he lost or just relaxing a litle bit? He probably asked himself why I took him pictures. But I wasn’t there for just chat. I walked to take some more pictures of the painted walls, and why not, to take some instant photos of any subject enough interesting.

There isn’t room for jokes in my photowalks. Any lost tourist become an oportunity for my Ricoh GR engine. He would be part of one of my best images of that new year that recently we have released. At that day, the tall chimneys bring their cool atmosphere and the kids were playing soccer as I did forty years ago probably.

More text. The SEO master ask for more words, more text and more internal and external links. I will do it, just remembering my other Pueblo Nuevo post here and here. Nice pictures that I liked. Also he reclaims more comments. As our new Manager Director, he run their show, and we obey as new borns SEO slaves.

But sure, why don’t you comment about? do you like that pictures also? or do you hate them? Please, say something or he will assign us more homeworks… Ahh, Don’t ask me why this post is in english language. Even I don’t really know… 

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